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I had to reblog because THIS is my favorite Bucky, always has been, hands down, no apologies. PERFECTION. I don’t know what exactly that says about me but there it is.

Why don’t we get more cosplays of this? This look isn’t as immediately recognizable as Winter Soldier or anything but it’s still pretty identifiable and original.

Driving to Starbucks feels like a weird thing to do yet I guess that is what I’m doing. (I’ve never driven to Starbucks before, only walked, and I’m not even a big Starbucks person but I’m craving it.)

Oh, my god. I just realized.
In the first Cap movie when Steve is mourning Bucky’s death, Peggy says:
"Allow Barnes the dignity of his choice. He damn well must have thought you were worth it."
She doesn’t say “he must have thought America was worth it” or “defeating Hydra was worth it” or “winning the war was worth it” or ANYTHING. She says, “he must have thought you were worth it.”
Peggy knows exactly what Bucky’s choice was.

Oh, my god. I just realized.

In the first Cap movie when Steve is mourning Bucky’s death, Peggy says:

"Allow Barnes the dignity of his choice. He damn well must have thought you were worth it."

She doesn’t say “he must have thought America was worth it” or “defeating Hydra was worth it” or “winning the war was worth it” or ANYTHING. She says, “he must have thought you were worth it.”

Peggy knows exactly what Bucky’s choice was.

Vittorio and Anrietta checking each other out in Palermo. XD

jen’s steve/bucky fic recs




  • A Place Called Home by renne [New Years Eve. Suits. Party at Stark’s place. Honesty happens.]
  • All That Matters (or The Law According to Bucky Barnes) by sparklyfiend [Of the few hard-and-fast rules in Bucky’s life, the one that he seemed to encounter the most was that “Steve always gets sick.”]
  • At Any Given Moment by honeypuffed [PROMPT: Steve and Bucky find out that everyone thinks they’re sleeping together. Like, the Howling Commandos cover for them to give them alone time, and General Phillips and is all deny deny deny, if I don’t see it I don’t have to do anything about it. Basically, everyone knows Steve and Bucky are in love except for Steven and Bucky.At first Steve and Bucky are amused by this - really guys? really? But then they both think about it for a while and are like, why aren’t we together?]
  • Beneath a Blue Umbrella Sky by musesfool [Steve’s been to Coney Island before.]
  • Christmas in Brooklyn by antiquitea [Though they don’t have much of anything, Bucky wants to make Christmas special for Steve.]
  • Counting Backwards by honeypuffed [PROMPT: Asexual Steve/Bucky cuddles and support and non-sex based relation of awesomeness, yet still obviously a romantic relationship?] 
  • Friday Night Is Date Night by sparklyfiend [PROMPT: Steve and Bucky go on a date, but they have to pretend like they’re just friends, since it’s the 1940’s and they can’t afford to be ‘out.’]
  • Here Comes The Bride by sneakertime [Bucky learns that the Howling Commandos call him Mrs. Rogers behind his back.]
  • I’ll Let Go if You’ll Catch Me by ani_bester [Becomes old assumptions are turned on their head, and with the new knowledge comes new fears about what Karpov might have done to him. Luckily Steve is there to lend an ear.]
  • I’ve Been In Your Body And It Was A Carnival Ride by postcardmystery [“Name, rank, and serial number,” they tell Bucky Barnes, in Basic, and he doesn’t nod, just repeats it every night before he goes to sleep, remembers.]
  • In Love and War, Don’t Seek Counsel by sinuous_curve [Most of being Steve’s — or Captain America’s, really — right hand man entails busting into Hydra weapons factories and blowing them to hell with stolen Hydra weapons, making sure that Cap has room to use his superpowers to the greatest effect while no one on their side gets killed in the process. Bucky used to be afraid every single time he heard the sharp report of gunfire, but since Cap came and pulled him out of a very literal hell, there isn’t much room left in Bucky for something like fear. Dying can’t be worse than what Schmidt’s pet scientist did for kicks. And being a part of a team as special as the one he’s on now keeps him feeling like he’s varnished in heroism. It’s more brilliant explosions and less humping it through sticky mud in the rain.] 
  • It Wakes The Seeds by sharksdontsleep [They still call him a sharpshooter, even if they let Bucky bring his own rifle, not a Sharp, a nine-pound breech-loader that feels like certainty when he slings it across his back. Bucky and Steve, becoming who they become. Civil War era AU.]
  • Little Shots Who Keep Shooting by sinuous_curve [It takes Howard Stark three days to knock together Steve’s uniform, which is a testament to his manufacturing abilities that he cobbles together what he needs so fast and so well. Steve steps out with his hands spread, shoulders shifting beneath the unfamiliar weight of the new duds and says, “Not too shabby, you think?”]
  • Make a Heart Beat Again by renne [In which Bucky is finally given the missing pieces of the puzzle and finally understands why Steve never came for him, and why Steve’s been beating himself up over it ever since.]
  • New Heights by honeypuffed [PROMPT: Bucky can’t stop thinking about sucking Steve’s cock. One night, when he’s quite drunk, he mentions this to Steve.]
  • Nothing You Can Name by togina [Sgt. Barnes and his unit are in Italy, making camp and waiting for orders. Conversation turns to the girls they’ve left behind, and Bucky’s thoughts turn to someone else left behind.]
  • Radio Silence by soldierly [Four days, three hours, sixteen minutes, and twenty-two seconds from their destination, they run out of oxygen.]
  • The Distance Between That Was Sheltering Me by noharlembeat [The last day before he goes to Basic, and Bucky still hasn’t told Steve. The entire neighborhood seems to have it out for him, no less.]
  • The Nearness Of You by sharksdontsleep [The radio is playing a low song. They’re set to deploy again, 0600 the day after tomorrow. Two luxurious days of R and R seems like an indulgence, but Phillips had said it was a mandatory indulgence, and Steve didn’t see the point in arguing, not with Bucky’s hands still shaking.] 
  • The Same, but More by shell [“I know you’re still you, Rogers,” Bucky said. “You’re just…” he trailed off, studying Steve closely. “Just what?” Steve asked, flushing. It was Bucky’s turn to shrug. “Just more, I guess.”]
  • The Way That You Move by acidpop25 [The minute Steve meets Bucky, he knows he’s in over his head.]
  • To Have and to Hold by necchan [The little moments where one fell deeper in love with the other.]
  • Untitled by sneakertime [PROMPT: The first time they have sex post-serum, Steve couldn’t quite control his strength. Nothing too serious, Bucky gets some bruises, but Steve feels terrible. Bucky’s just trying to figure out how to make it happen again.] 
  • Untitled by necchan [Their first kiss came in multiples.]
  • Where the Circle Ends by renne [In which the world has gone to hell in a zombie apocalypse handbasket and, in the middle of it all, Steve finds the one person he never thought he’d see again.]
  • Wisps On The Air by sparklyfiend [PROMPT: There’s something about the way Bucky’s cigarette dangles between his lips; Steve gets caught staring.]
  • You’ve Been Acting Awful Tough Lately by postcardmystery [“So you’re not dead,” says Steve, as they make their slow way through a muddy forest, and Bucky grins likes a light clicking on, says, “Nope. Let’s drink to that.”]
  • the sirens and the thunder by  [“Hide that,” he says, forcing the words out past every instinct. “As well as you can, all right? Before morning.” Steve stares at him blankly, like he needs a moment to work this out, then swallows once, sharply. “What’s your name?” he asks at last—asks as he stands there with the pelt in his hands. And oh, he thinks suddenly, what is his name? He can’t speak it, not with this mouth, he can’t sing it into the air like he can in the ocean. He just shakes his head; like his nakedness, it’s something he can’t explain. Steve nods, just nods, his eye swelling shut and blood drying on his shirt collar, and says “we’ll figure it out.”]
  • soar, wheel, gulp, and dive by  [Steve and Bucky have had two first kisses.]
  • but hey, you’re all right by  [‘This is not my fault,’ Tony lies. ‘It was supposed to be a joke! Christ.’ ’Thanks to your joke,’ says Coulson, ‘we now have a code three-four-delta, with the variable being a Russian immigrant. We’re checking his background right now, but it might take a while. Meanwhile, I suggest you civilian-proof the Tower. If any SHIELD intelligence is compromised, I will hurt you.’]
  • Why Then Oh Why Can’t I? (or, 5 Times Steve Rogers Felt Awkward Talking About Sex, and One Time He Stopped Talking Altogether) by  [“You really never did grow up all the way, did you, Steve? Of course it changes things. But hey.” He lifts his glass, and Steve reluctantly lets go to join in the toast. “Who says change has to be bad?”]
  • Five Times Bucky Got Permission by  [People keep trying to tell Bucky something, and he’s getting very confused.]
  • devil’s gonna follow me (wherever I go) by  [The man who used to be Bucky Barnes lined up his shot. His finger twitched, only once, very precisely. Help me, the bullet sang. Ninety-eight floors below him, the bullet glanced off a vibranium shield with a musical ping. And Steve Rogers looked up.]
  • escape from new york by  [On Monday morning Thor parades bare-ass naked around the Tower; it all goes downhill from there. Or, the one where New York gets infected with alien sex pollen, Steve appears to be the only sane man, and the things that ensue include hilarity, fake zombies, pining and surprise makeouts. And a bear trap.]
  • make one dream come true (you only live twice) by  [Five times the Winter Soldier evaded capture.]
  • When I feel down, I want you above me by  [In the twenty-first century, Steve Rogers still has inordinate difficult talking to women, or men, or anyone with a pretty face. Tony Stark suggests that he try calling a phone sex line. Under the influence of severe exhaustion, he does just that. He has no explanation for why he keeps calling, though.]
  • Once you’ve fallen from classical virtue by  [And, yes, there, leaning against the kitchen table, cradling a mug of coffee between two massive hands, is his blonde mystery man. “I know this is going to sound strange,” he says, immediately. “But I don’t suppose you know who I am?” The blonde man blinks and the corners of his mouth turn down. “Damn. I was hoping you could tell me who I am.”]
  • this city bleeds its aching heart by  [The one where Steve and Bucky pose as a happily married couple while on a mission for SHIELD, to catch an international arms dealer hiding in a suburban neighbourhood.]
  • baby baby baby come back by  [You and me? We’re not the war.]


  • Parachute by  [Sam would follow Steve anywhere. But he didn’t expect Barnes to follow him into Starbucks.]
  • Selfies from the Underground by  [Tony reminded himself that the second the incorrect password was entered, the phone would destroy itself and any data on it. And there was no way someone named Tepid the Magnificent would guess—“I’m in,” said Tepid. “Soon I’ll know all of the Avengers’ secrets.” Tony briefly closed his eyes. “Steve. What was your password?” “It’s ‘password,’” Tepid replied.Or: Tony and Steve get captured.]
  • lethe by  ["Do it," he goads. "Do it or come back home with me and let me help you. But you gotta do it now, Buck, because I can’t take another moment of this hell."]
  • World of Our Making by  [The Winter Soldier isn’t Bucky Barnes. But SHIELD needs him to be.]
  • Shadow Dance by  [Someone stalks Steve. Steve starts to go crazy. That someone is Bucky, so of course, everyone else is bound to get pulled into the crazy as well.]
  • Such stuff as dreams are made on by  [Steve and Bucky are the dream couple, high school sweethearts who went to college together and now years later are still ridiculously in love with each other. Unfortunately, ‘dream’ is probably the operative word.]
  • Soft Spot for the Hell Raisin’ Boy by  [The Winter Soldier takes an interest in Sam Wilson. Bucky Barnes wants to tell him how to be Steve Rogers’s best friend.]

And more to come when I have time. Rec me some! ♥